Business Leaders Make Case for Building a Global Low-Carbon Economy

BusinessLeaders December 1, 2010

On opening day of COP16 (the global treaty talks on climate change in Cancun, Mexico), CEOs from The Coca-Cola Company, Dow Chemical Company, Duke Energy, and FEMSA, called for action on climate change, and made the business case for global leadership on creating a low-carbon, clean economy. I have never seen such an incredibly powerful, compelling panel of business leaders clearly stating the business case for action to reduce pollution and drive efficiency and innovation. These leaders are frustrated by governmental inaction. President Calderon of Mexico opened the event with great depth of understanding and passion for the issue – and Mexico is leading, and acting, and creating the right environment for business action on climate, as FEMSA has demonstrated with over half its electricity from renewable energy, and a LEED Platinum building. You can see the full program on livestream at, and check out the press release at broken links test . I am honored to have been a part of gathering these leaders together, and hope that this event can be a model for greater leadership by business and by governments going forward. We will be providing a platform for such leadership at our World Climate Summit this weekend, so watch the live coverage and join us in person!

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