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Cleantech expert/writer Ron Pernick (Co-founder of Clean Edge) interviews Aimee at Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference on Sustainable Energy For All
May 1, 2012
Sustainable Energy For All
  Fox Business Cheryl Casone interviewed Aimee on the future of solar in the wake of Solyndra’s failure
September 19, 2011
Watch How to Get the Green Sector Going
  Aimee on valuing nature, interview with the Idaho Mountain Express
September 28, 2011
Read Aimee’s recent interview with her hometown paper
World Climate Summit
December, 2010
Learn more about the World Climate Summit here
Columbia University Earth Institute
October 11, 2010
Watch Aimee discuss efforts to mitigate climate change here
October 10, 2010
Watch Aimee discuss California’s climate law and the China climate summit here
U.S. Companies Call on Senators to Get Energy and Climate Legislation “Back on Track”
April 25, 2010
Read the letter by Aimee and 170 U.S. business leaders here
  Climate Change War Is Fought at the Local Level
April 19, 2010
Read the U.S. News and World Report article with commentary from Aimee here
Business Must Drive Climate Crisis Solution
January 26, 2010
Read the Politiken interview with Aimee
Inaugural Balls Take On a Green Tinge
January 21, 2009
Read the Wall Street Journal article
Watch a short video about the Green Inaugural Ball at
Maintaining Relations: Council on Foreign Relations releases new report on climate change and U.S. policy
June 13, 2008
Read the story at
On Gore, Tipping Points, The Law of the One, and Google’s New Climate Maven
March 21, 2007
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  Living on Earth
January 9, 2004
Read the story at
Confronting Climate Change: A Strategy for U.S. Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations Task Force
Read the report
Environmental Protection in the United States: A Right, a Privilege, or Politics?
Human Rights Dialogue 2.11 (Spring 2004): Environmental Rights
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  Global Petroleum Industry Approaches for Long-Term Carbon Management
Sustainable Development, Ecosystems, and Climate Change Committee – Newsletter Archive
Vol. 5, No. 2 – January 2002
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